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Phishing Scam – Ongoing Fraud Under The Name Of New Vision Digital Pvt Ltd

In a recent set of events, New Vision Digital has learned of an ongoing scam under the name of our reputable organization. Messages on WhatsApp and Telegram are surfacing from people posing as NVD executives asking random people to perform social media-based activities (following, subscribing, and liking YouTube channels and videos), eventually leading to money transfers. While they initially tend to reward you with every task, the group has conned people with a tremendous amount of money. In addition to this, there is also information about offers related to freelancing job opportunities under the organization’s name.  

New Vision Digital and its employees have absolutely no involvement in any of the above-mentioned fraudulent practices. Please be aware of this scam, and if you receive any task-based messages on WhatsApp or Telegram from people posing as NVD or our executives, contact us immediately. 

Warning Signs of the Ongoing Scam: 

  • If you receive solicitations for YouTube marketing tasks, i.e. if you are asked to subscribe to YouTube channels 
  • If you receive WhatsApp messages for job opportunities pertaining to our HR department 
  • If you are asked to make a payment or receive one after completing a task
  • If there is any urgency or insistence for you to act and do the tasks  

Avoid indulging in communicating with the sender of such messages, and do not provide them with your personal or financial information. Also, refrain from clicking any links provided by them in WhatsApp messages or Telegram group/channels. 

To make an inquiry concerning this matter, please contact: 

HR Department: 

Aman Vats 

Phone: 9719169008, email:

Business Development Team – 

Gitanjali Arora: 

Phone:+91 93549 34126, email:

Ankit Saini:  

Phone: 9501192112, email:

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