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New Vision Digital is committed to delivering compelling, tailor-made solutions to meet your needs and budget. We promise to assist you in taking advantage of digital marketing opportunities across channels in real-time. Our enthusiastic and passionate team of over 100 people is devoted to finding new and inventive ways to maximise returns, all while securing customers and driving brand loyalty.

We pride ourselves on being amongst the top agencies that are end-to-end providers of digital marketing services. So whether you are searching for a turnkey strategy, a website that drives sales, or a campaign that fuels growth, trust us to find the right way for turning bucks to your business.

What makes Us

Different from Others

Experienced Team

With over 11 years of experience in different fields, we have got a well-seasoned, multi-disciplinary team at the helm. As the brains behind everysuccessful campaign, they know what to bring to the table each and every day.

Quick Turnaround Time

At New Vision Digital, we understand the value of each second, minute, and hour for a business in the digital scenario. Our team works due diligently with dedication and passion for meeting the deliverables in the required time frame as assured.


We are advocates of transparency and due diligence. We are true to what we do and have pledged to follow the same principles in our work as well. When working with us, you can stay assured about everything as we deliver what we promise.

Our Strength

12 years in, excelling in the digital scene: squad goals here!

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Sumit Tayal


The guiding light of New Vision Digital, Mr Sumit Tayal, exudes a dynamic, influential and exemplary leadership style that motivates and inspires everyone around him to dream big, learn more, and perform better every day. Responsible for overseeing every facet of our esteemed organisation, Mr Sumit is a leader who brings out the best in every employee. As the backbone of NVD, he is fueled with a desire to work hard and make a difference in the industry.

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Gitanjali Chauhan

Business Development Manager

Gitanjali will be the primary point of contact between NVD and you. She is the core business developer of NVD and shapes out company’s structure towards uprising growth. Being a happy go lucky person at heart, she is brainy, energetic & people person, excels in the art of molding situations and providing flexible solutions.

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Vikrant Pratap

Web development- Tech Head

Meet Vikrant, the seasoned captain of our Web Development team. Bringing concrete knowledge and more than eight years of experience to the table, Vikrant is a revered pillar of the company. His versatility for work knows no bounds, and his capability to tackle any challenge makes him a master of the trade. When not working, he loves to party and believes in ‘work hard, party harder.’

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Pradeep Kumar Singh

SEM Manager

With a wealth of expertise and experience in Paid Marketing, Pradeep offers you a rapid gateway to connect thousands of people on the internet. Having a deep understanding of SEM strategies that is second to none, Pradeep always has insights that serve as the catalyst for SEM success. In fact, he is your go-to ally in enhancing your online presence and scaling business.

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Ayush Mahajan

Social Media Manager

Meet Ayush, fondly known as Captain Cool of the Social Media ship. With an enthusiasm through the roof and a vibe so contagious, he knows what’s lit before it’s a thing. His expertise extends across every aspect of Social Media Optimisation and sends the most off-beat ideas to deliver the best to our clients. Ayush can always be found on his toes, meeting deadlines without a frown!

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Swati Singh & Shweta Singh

SEO- Team Leads

Swati and Shweta, the SEO team leads, are the Powerpuff Girls of our company. These SEO warriors are capable of handling any challenge that comes their way like a pro. Masters of bringing organic rankings to the table, one can count on them to reach the top of the SERPs. Their dynamic approach keeps the company at the forefront of the ever-evolving SEO landscape.

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Suraj Rawat

Graphics- Team Lead

Suraj is the guiding force of our Graphics team. The powerhouse of creative designs, he paints the story of brands, which is nothing short of captivating. His keen eye for identifying the requirements of our clients and a penchant for trends make him the go-to guru for anything graphics-related. Whether it’s a logo, a website layout or a social media creative, his skills make his work stand out!

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Bhavya Mehta

Content- Team Lead

Meet Bhavya Mehta, our very own Content Queen. With creative energy off the charts, she leads the charge of the content department effortlessly, infusing it with her fun and cool vibes. When it comes to projects, precision is her middle name, and perfection is her game, leaving a trail of satisfied clients and spellbound readers in her wake. In her free time, you’ll find her casually munching on her favourite snacks, powering up for the next captivating creation.

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Aman Vats

HR Manager

The axis point on which NVD revolves, Aman is an exceptionally proficient and experienced HR Manager. With a knack for identifying talent and excellent observational skills, he excels in recruiting the right resources for the job and meeting the needs of everyone alike. Aman’s professionalism and easygoing personality make him a delight to work with. Besides showcasing skills at work, he loves travelling!

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