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7 Advantages of Video Content Marketing on Youtube

7 Advantages of Video Content Marketing on Youtube

Video content marketing is emerging as the top digital marketing tool. Almost 3 billion videos are viewed globally on Youtube every day. Social media marketing strategists say that people are more likely to buy a particular product if they are provided a visual presentation of it.

Given below are the factors that make Youtube a popular marketing platform:

  • Engaging: Research shows that a video is more influential than text or pictures as it communicates to audience’s emotions. Facial expressions, body language, music and images all help in building a rapport with the viewer.
  • Enables Ad-sync – You can post the ad according to the video content. You can also sponsor the popular video channels that have a relevance to your brand. For example, a channel about beauty tutorials will help in endorsing a makeup brand.
  • Promotion through Dedicated Channel: You can create a channel about your brand on Youtube. Regular updates about products helps keep in touch with the audience.
  • Embed: Embedding your Youtube video links on your website, blogs and other social media channels like Facebook and Twitter will help in increasing traffic. People are more likely to respond to the website’s e-mail through Youtube.
  • SEO Friendly: The user friendliness of the channel helps optimize your brand’s visibility so that when a Youtuber searches for your product or service, your video makes to the top of the list.
  • Tracking: Youtube allows you to keep a track on how many views a video gets in a day unlike other social media websites.
  • Popularity: Mobile phones make content available on the fingertips. A particular video becomes viral very fast on Youtube. This helps a brand gain a wide response. Moreover, options like ‘video sharing’, ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ help in understanding public opinions.

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