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360° Video Content: Stay Ahead of The Game!

Everyone has heard about 360° videos ever since its launch date (September 2015), about how it is made using omnidirectional camera shot so that the video can be viewed in every direction possible.  But many are not aware of its marketing potential.

360° Video Content:

When it was first launched, interesting results were found out by Facebook:-

  • It got a higher click-through rate.
  • It got more shares.
  • People got more followers when they published a 360° video.

What does this imply? People were enjoying it!

And why wouldn’t they? It was a combination of two perspectives immersion and engagement. That’s the beauty of it, it provides a unique and impactful experience and what made it more effective was the fact that the viewers could take direct control of the video with the touch of a finger.

So with this, I think brands should implement 360° videos for two main reasons:-

  • Gives your potential customer a new perspective of your product – When you go to an online e-commerce store and look for a product of your interest, how would you like to view it? With images? Or with a 360° perspective? The answer is obvious!
  • It impresses your potential customer to a certain extent– Well obviously, when you give them a 360° perspective of a product, they are going to get impressed!

360° videos are the new trend when in terms of recording & viewing it; it feels like you are actually there!

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