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Vocal for Local: Help Small Businesses Reach Global Market

In the middle of the ongoing pandemic catastrophe, the prime minister addressed the public and announced a campaign to help the nation become self-sufficient. This campaign, “Vocal for Local”, was started to emphasise the value of locally owned businesses, marketplaces, and supply chains.

Nearly all of the top brands in the globe only began to take off once the locals began utilising and promoting them. The prime minister promoted the same strategy for promoting local products worldwide. The severity of the COVID-19 situation has significantly boosted local product manufacturing, marketing, and distribution.

The campaign will inspire several local businesses to take the lead. Digital marketing is one of the most economical ways for Indian businesses to reach a larger audience and stand out. The concept of marketing has been completely transformed by digitisation with comprehensive strategies. Digital marketing enables you to communicate with your customers and learn what they need and gives you a chance to reach a worldwide audience. With this in mind, let’s explore more about Vocal for Local and how digital marketing companies want to help startups and businesses to build a community of e-commerce networks.

The Concept for Vocal for Local

The Indian market is divided into urban and rural areas, and there are notable differences in client tastes, buying patterns, and other factors. Agriculture and related sectors are the main drivers of the rural market and industry. But according to several research and discussions, the rural product and rural market need a quick revolution. As a result, the nation’s overall development will accelerate. Being independent is the motto of the ‘VOCAL FOR LOCAL’ philosophy, which recently gained popularity in India.

People in India tend to choose branded goods as well as those that are manufactured abroad. However, this idea is changing, and more people are beginning to adopt the concept of purchasing local goods. Due to the dominance of established brands, local products were not given the necessary traction they deserved. However, thanks to the government’s numerous programmes and benefits in finance, technology, and training support, small businesses may now exist independently of larger ones. The ‘VOCAL FOR LOCAL’ idea also highlights the foundation of development, which is more closely related to resources in rural India.

How Choosing digital marketing for your startup business could be the best option:

  • Less expensive than conventional marketing techniques
  • Enables interaction between you and your audience, which promotes brand loyalty.
  • Helps you to monitor the effectiveness of your marketing activities
  • Increasing the conversion rate gives you a competitive advantage over your rivals by examining their digital marketing and online campaigns.
  • Gives you a chance to access a worldwide market

“Online Marketing is crucial for your business.”

As India prepares to realise its goal of becoming Aatmanirbhar, it is essential to ensure self-sufficiency to meet local demand. Small businesses are starting to understand the power of technology and how going digital will affect their sales and marketing in the modern world. New Vision Digital offers the greatest solutions to make the advantages of digital solutions accessible to local communities in the simplest way possible. Also enabling the startup’s business to grow and create its own networks. Our team recently visited the 41st India International Trade Fair (IITF) at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. It was great to see youngsters and 50 or more aged entrepreneurs exhibiting their products and services. We also consulted several startups & international companies and guided them on how online businesses can boost profit. Furthermore, we also came across one of India’s most wonderful innovations: the ‘Khadi India Pavilion’. More than 200 booths have been put up at the Khadi India pavilion for participation by Khadi artisans.


The theme pavilion also presents the five pillars of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s vision for “Aatmanirbhar Bharat,” which includes the rural economy, technology, infrastructure, youth involvement, and global outreach. So, our main agenda was to assist all those local companies understand the importance of global reach through online presence. Online business presence plays a crucial role in promoting the brand and boosting sales in different ways. The Indian digital agency will better comprehend and execute the “Vocal for Local” campaign because they are more familiar with the Indian market. This will assist the brand in laying a solid platform for future worldwide market expansion. It’s critical to remember that the goal of every digital marketing strategy should be to engage with the target demographic.

Get in touch with us immediately to find out more about how our digital marketing company can increase sales for your company. And we look forward to bringing startup companies online and increasing their revenue.

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