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The Importance of Unique Content in Google Search Ranking

Google places great importance on unique content. They categorize sites with unique and relevant content as “alive”, while those with static as “dead”. The websites who don’t update their content are pushed back to the bottom rankings and are left off to dust.

The Importance of Unique Content in Google Search Ranking

Updating your website frequently with unique content will increase the chances of getting a higher Google ranking. However, remember “content is king”. Merely regular content updates will not secure you a high position on Google’s search engine ranking. The content on the sites must be relevant and original. Just circling the content around keywords will not yield good results.

An efficient way of ensuring the flow of unique content on your website is through Blogs. More content equals more keywords to attract views and clicks. The blogs must include high-quality content, holding worthwhile information that has relevance to the websites.

Blogs effectively cover all aspects of the website, incorporating relevant keywords, forming valuable content. This directly leads to an increased chance of a higher Google ranking. The number of keywords integrated into the content doesn’t matter, the quality of the article does.

Things to remember:

    • ‘Frequent posting’ must not be overdone. This will only cause confusion and overlapping of content.
    • Constant updating doesn’t guarantee a secure ranking. Work and effort have to be put in by the dozen when it comes to the relevance of the content.
    • Google targets websites with a high-quality content that is original and unique.

Regular updates on your website will not only secure you a high ranking on the Google search engine but also facilitate customer loyalty.

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