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What’s New in WordPress 3.8

What’s New in WordPress 3.8

With several new features, Word press 3.8 has made its debut in December as expected. The main goal is to make WordPress 3.8 visually attractive, mobile responsive and appealing so that the users get a new experience.
The changes are as follows:

Expect a beautiful new Dashboard

WordPress has changed the old looking Dashboard into a solid looking new interface by merging MP6 Plugin into the WordPress core in 3.8.

This is how your new dashboard will look like


Changes from the current admin screen:

  • “WordPress News” combines “WordPress blog news”, “WordPress News” and “other WordPress News”
  • “Quick Press” changed to “Quick Draft”
  • “Quick draft” merged into “Recent Drafts”
  • Activity section unites scheduled posts and comments
  • Six beautiful colour schemes for the new dashboard: Blue, light, seaweed, Midnight, Pixel, Ectoplasm

Improvisations in the current admin screen:

  • Open sans font added
  • Spaces between elements increased
  • Large font size
  • Use of CSS3 and Html5

THx38: Better Theme Preview Experience

WordPress will bring theme experience THx38 to transform the theme screens in the admin area. The new theme experience will provide a better user interface and full-screen theme previews. It is also much faster and prettier than previous theme screen.
new dashboardChanges in the theme section:

  • Responsive theme design
  • Customised themes all installed in one place
  • New Hover effect

Easy Widget Area Chooser

The new Widgets screen in WordPress 3.


8 will allow users to easily choose the right sidebar to add a widget to. With multiple widget ready areas and tons of widgets to choose from, users often face difficulty to drag and drop a widget into the right sidebar. The new widget interface will be cleaner, organised, and visually appealing.

Twenty Fourteen – A New Default Theme

 Wordpress 3.8 will introduce a new default theme for next year named “Twenty Fourteen”. The Twenty Fourteen theme makes sure that it looks pretty with or without featured images as well.

The new theme will allow users to customise the featured content area according to their wish. The new theme will also have special widget called “Ephymera” to show off the latest videos, music, links and more.


Another anticipated feature is Omnisearch. It is a global admin search feature that you can use to search for media, posts, pages, content, files, plugins and themes on your WordPress site.

These are the exciting enhancements expected from the 3.8 release. The release will open new avenues for custom WordPress website development for WordPress developers.