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5 Animation Tips for Responsive Web Design

Motions and animations are emerging as top web design trends in digital market. Motions in form of videos or moving pictures help create an engaging medium to interact successfully with the users. A motion is lot more than a cartoon character and it requires the right technique and mastery to convert still images into meaningful animations.

5 Animation Tips for Responsive Web Design

Find below 5 animation tips to create a responsive website like a pro:

Keep it subtle and smooth

Users are in search of a website UI that just don’t bombard them with a large number of animations but offers a sleek gateway to conveniently access a particular business’ services. Keeping it subtle will help you to let your user delve slowly and gradually into your website and take interest in your business.

Keep balance and use directions

Directional tools such as arrows and dots keep the user moving in the direction where you want him/her to focus on such as your USP. Make sure that your animations have a balance and depth so as to create an impressive effect on the user and give him/her a feeling of being a part of the animation.

Mirror the reality

Your animations should move on the screen as you would have them in real life i.e. a volume-up button should only rotate clock-wise and vice-versa. Mirroring the reality in your animations doesn’t confuse the user and provide a sense of affinity with the business.

Speed & timing

Too fast or too slow animations make a jarring impression on the user, giving a feeling of chaos or languidness in extreme cases. Carefully timing your animations and keeping an eye on the speed is way necessary to ensure that you and your users are on the same track.


Position your animations in such a manner that they take your user on a journey highlighting various aspects of your business. Story-telling in animations is a highly useful user engaging strategy and an integral sub-part of call to action, making your user to contact you to quench his/her thirst for the info.

There are infinite ways you can use animations for user engagement but make sure to not give graphics too much importance over other aspects such as content. Creating a balance in the graphics and content is the key to create a responsive website and gain huge use response.

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3 Useful Responsive Web Design Tips

Responsive Web Design

The new web standards demand responsive web design for websites who don’t want to lose up on the HUGE customer base they have in the form of mobile and tablet users. With Google first in the line to accept and promote the mobile friendly websites as mobile searches outdo the desktop searches (in 2015); responsive website designs have now become important from SEO point of view too!

Here are 3 useful and important responsive web design tips every designer needs to know:

Prototyping software– Using prototyping software like Adobe Edge Reflow helps you make proper use of media queries, design layout to fit desktop, tablet and mobile, and set breakpoints within the program easily. You can easily copy the CSS to any HTML editor like Adobe Dreamweaver to further refine your design.

Navigation– If your site has multiple navigational menus, consider bundling them up in a single menu icon that opens up in a drop down menu with additional menu items.

Build the look and feel– Before the coding process starts, it would be helpful for you if you design the entire layout of the interface first to get the overall look and feel of your website. Keep both the functionality and usability of the various components in mind when designing the interface for smaller screens.

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