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20 Tools to Enhance your Content Marketing Efforts

Creating radio spots and billboard ads are not sufficient in today’s consumer centric marketplace to associate with customers, its content that helps craft a story about your business, drive home your unique value and update potential customers why they should purchase your product or service over others.

20 Tools to Enhance your Content Marketing Efforts

Push-starting your content marketing efforts can be an arduous battle if you don’t have the accurate tools in your hand to get the job done. Think like a journalist and a marketer to deliver your audiences a content that is useful and engaging at the same time. With everything that’s complicated in content marketing – the strategy, ideation, creation, promotion and analytics – it is becoming progressively more challenging to find the time to apt content marketing into our hectic calendars. Stress not, as we at NEW VISION DIGITAL presents you with a perfect solution.

We being the prevailing social media marketing Company in Noida carefully chosen the content marketing tools that will create your life easier, fill in gaps in your skill set, and progress your overall content marketing throughput.

1. Content Calendar

This is a place to collect all your content ideas, headlines, keywords, goals, publishing channels, and date of publish. This will help you to make your plan tidy and organized.

2. Trello

Highlight and manage projects and tasks with boards and lists. Boost productivity by sharing your ideas with your team.

3. Evernote

Imagination is one thing that comes suddenly, so get ready with Evernote which is a great tool for jotting your ideas down, wherever you are. It works across multiple devices and you can share ideas with other members of the team as well.

4. Answer the Public

Now lessen your time and try to come up with content ideas with Answer the Public option.

5. Feedly

Feedly accumulates news feeds from a variety of dissimilar content sources and publications all in one domicile, so that you don’t have to go penetrating for resources.

6. Pocket

You need to cling to reading to keep learning in this ever-changing digital landscape, so Pocket lets you save fascinating articles to dive into when you have an auxiliary moment.

7. Buzzsumo

Discover what’s trending in your niche with the help of Buzzsumo. Find out what kind of content people are more engrossed in and come up with your next idea to get more eyes to your content.

8. Google Trends

Use this tool to hack into what’s trending and find out what viewers want to read so that you can adapt your content to realize the same.

9. Portent Title Maker

Simply enter your topic and an arbitrary title is generated and with that you can make your suitable title.

10. Coschedule Headline Analyzer

Headlines are central in content marketing as it attracts your audience and let them to read the article. Enter your headline and Coschedule Headline Analyzer will rate it by its capability to result in social shares, traffic, and SEO ranking.

11. Hemingway app

The Hemingway app will progress your piece’s readability. By highlighting any hard to read sentences and needless words, it will make your content simple and ensure that your message is communicated in the flawless way possible.

12. Grammarly

Grammarly helps recover your writing by making sure it’s tranquil to read and free of any errors.

13. Thesaurus.com

Use a thesaurus or synonyms when you’re besieged to think of the right word, or you want to make your writing more exhilarating. It will help you to extend your vocabulary.

14. Pablo

Tools like Pablo let us rogue at design by constructing it super easy to design blog and social images. Use Pablo to add an image to your post and upsurge your ranking.

15. Canva

Canva is a bit more progressive than Pablo, with additional options comprising posters, presentations, blog graphics, flyers and Facebook covers.

16. Yoast SEO

Yoast is a meek Word Press plugin which supports you to write your slug and Meta description, set keywords, and tell you how you can increase the post’s SEO by adding links and images.

17. Hootsuite

Don’t make the blunder of generating delightful content and not allowing your audience to read it. A social scheduler tool like Hootsuite will permit you to schedule numerous posts to multiple platforms and add links and images.

18. Facebook Boosters

With the help of Facebook boosters your post can upsurge its reach and can be seen by prospective customers.

19. Pomodoro Timer

The Pomodoro technique has been verified to mend the productivity. Try this timer as it counts down 25-minute ruptures of activity with 5-minute breaks in flanked by.

20. Outsource

If after implementing all the tools, you are not able to reach your targeted rankings then it may be time to outsource to social media marketing agency in Noida that have the time and resources to harvest results with a preemptive marketing strategy.

Save appreciated time and focus on the things that matter the most. These content marketing tools will increase your productivity by cutting out time spent on different tasks.

Are there any content marketing tools we have overlooked? Let us know your part of discussions by writing to us at Info@newvisiondigital.co.