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Optimising SEO Website Designs

Optimising SEO Website Designs

SEO website design is fast gaining popularity among business owners because of the positive effect it reflects on the increased traffic to the website. When you hire an SEO expert specialising in website design, they charge you for the complete package that basically includes analysis of competitor’s website, updating coding standards, modifying keywords, compliance with browsers, and analysing performance by tracking metrics. Here are some things you should include in your to-do list while building a strong SEO website design strategy:

• File naming– Using ‘diufghkfblsd’ for your image files to be hosted on the homepage is not going to make you rank higher. SEO experts recommend using specific keywords and words describing the content in the names of videos, gifs, audio files, images and website pages.

• Redirects– Plan your redirect strategy in alignment with your SEO plans and goals to achieve optimum results. The ideal number of redirects indicated by best SEO practices is considered to be 301. Make sure you remove inactive and unwanted pages from your directory.

• New pages– When you are adding new pages to your site make sure you are clear about the goal or purpose of this page. Also include the relevant keywords you wish to target and define the silo this page will support.

Here at New Vision Digital our expert SEO team has professionals who take care of such factors along with advising you on directory structures and linking procedures which are critical for any successful SEO strategy. You can easily get in touch with us via email at info@newvisiondigital.co or request for a free quote here!