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4 Things You Should Prioritize When It Comes To SEO

SEO is the next important procedure your website undergoes when it is fully implemented. It is done to increase the rank of your website on various search engines (Google, Bing etc…) by article submission, PDF submissions, classified websites and more.


You can’t just start anywhere with SEO and expect your rankings to increase; to succeed in your efforts you should prioritise certain SEO tasks which are:-

  • Quality content only! Say no to duplicate content

Avoid uploading duplicate content at all costs because it kills the visibility of your website as Google takes it as spam. As they say “The content is king”, develop content that is specifically intended for the visitors; it also increases your website traffic as well.

  • Responsive is the way to go

As nowadays searches take place more on mobile than on desktop; it is a must that a website is compatible with mobile platforms and moreover Google loves responsive websites!

  • User-friendly navigation

Don’t confuse people with your complex navigation; give them an easy & user-friendly experience so that they find what they need in time.

  • Being Indexed

You need to make sure that Google is crawling your website and hence you are showing up in SERPs; Google Webmaster tools are a great help for this!

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Optimising SEO Website Designs

Optimising SEO Website Designs

SEO website design is fast gaining popularity among business owners because of the positive effect it reflects on the increased traffic to the website. When you hire an SEO expert specialising in website design, they charge you for the complete package that basically includes analysis of competitor’s website, updating coding standards, modifying keywords, compliance with browsers, and analysing performance by tracking metrics. Here are some things you should include in your to-do list while building a strong SEO website design strategy:

• File naming– Using ‘diufghkfblsd’ for your image files to be hosted on the homepage is not going to make you rank higher. SEO experts recommend using specific keywords and words describing the content in the names of videos, gifs, audio files, images and website pages.

• Redirects– Plan your redirect strategy in alignment with your SEO plans and goals to achieve optimum results. The ideal number of redirects indicated by best SEO practices is considered to be 301. Make sure you remove inactive and unwanted pages from your directory.

• New pages– When you are adding new pages to your site make sure you are clear about the goal or purpose of this page. Also include the relevant keywords you wish to target and define the silo this page will support.

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4 Top Changes SEO Must Adjust To In 2016

4 Top Changes SEO Must Adjust To In 2016

SEO strategies do and should constantly change with new updates issued by search engines and the new technologies adopted by them for ranking websites on the search engine result pages or SERPs as they are commonly referred to. Here are the top 4 changes your SEO strategy must focus on in upcoming 2016:

1. Mobile Traffic– Since the mobile traffic outflanked desktop searches in 2014; Google has included a ‘mobile friendly’ notation next to websites in searches made through mobile phones and tablets. Now is perhaps the best time to convert your website to responsive.

2. Focus on ROI metrics– Instead of using keyword rankings as a measure of the success of your SEO strategy, focus more on ROI metrics. Translating SEO processes to successful conversions and the effect it has on revenues is more important than the position you are getting ranked on Google.

3. Include SMO– Social media is used as a marketing and customer-service channel where you can personally bond with the customers to build long lasting relationships. This can also be efficiently used to generate more leads, increase sales and build an image among the audience.

4. Earn your links– Inbound links are still considered a trustworthy source of traffic. Instead of building multiple links on blogs and pages, try to get a single quality link on a valuable, relevant website to attract more referral traffic and convert it into leads and sales.

With the new updates and changing algorithms coming up, it is necessary to remain updated with the latest SEO strategies that would bring you success in both organic and local search results.