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Cross-Channel Marketing Made Easier with Google Analytics 360 Suite

Analysing consumer behaviour is of great importance so as to make necessary changes to your marketing strategy and come up with advanced and better solutions. In a multi-screen world, integrating all your marketing endeavours on a single platform is a very challenging task.

Cross-Channel Marketing Made Easier with Google Analytics 360 Suite

Google analytics recently launched its free Beta version to help enterprise-class marketers organize and monitor all their marketing channels at one place. Big brands such as L’Oreal, Lenovo and Nest are gaining huge returns by investing in Google Analytics services. Being faced with the same challenge of organizing millions of search queries, Google has now come up with a solution for the marketers using its expertise and learning from own experiences.

Google Analytics 360 Suite comprises of a six-pack of following features:

  • Google Audience Center 360 (beta)
    This tool offers a platform for the marketers to manage their data by analysing the consumer behaviour across various channels, campaigns and devices. It is integrated with DoubleClick, Google and even third party data providers.
  • Google Optimize 360 (beta)
    It offers the convenience of personalization and testing of your website. You can present your consumer with different variations of your website and choose one format depending on the preferences.
  • Google Data Studio 360 (beta)
    Integrate all your data on a single platform through dashboards and reports. Google Docs technology offers real-time sync with all data spread across various channels offering the convenience to analyse all info in one go!
  • Google Tag Manager 360
    The products helps to boost confidence and the decision making power of the marketers by helping them access quality site information to streamline workflows and gain data accuracy.
  • Google Analytic 360
    Analyze all customer data and get it integrated at one place so as to make necessary changes and improve your marketing strategy.
  • Google Attribution 360
    This product helps marketers make judicious decisions when it comes to planning budget or making investments.

How effective Google Analytics 360 Suite is going to be for the digital marketing agencies? Well, we have to wait and watch. Currently, limited number of clients are availing its services and are full of praise for this new venture by Google.

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Make Your SEO Strategies Future Ready!

Make Your SEO Strategies Future Ready!

With Google giving special emphasis to the end user and making online search easier and more relevant for the queries they post it becomes important for the modern digital marketer to stay updated of the current and expected algorithm changes in the future. Here are 2 of the most anticipated game changer trends of 2016 which are expected to make major impacts on the SEO marketing arena.

1. It pays off to be mobile friendly– As you might already know (and Google knows this too) mobile searches have already surpassed the desktop searches in the last couple of years. To take the full advantage of this trend, make sure your website has a responsive design which makes it easy to watch and browse on all platforms. Also pay attention to mobile CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and promoting your business on various social media platforms like Google+, Google Places, Maps, FB, and Twitter etc to reach out to mobile users.

2. ‘Voice’ search is the new ‘type’ search– Taking cue from Apple Siri, Google and Microsoft also launched their digital assistants in the form of Google Now and Cortana respectively which give users an incredible facility of voice search. To embrace this change, make sure your websites or mobile applications are voice search friendly. For this you would have to improve your local SEO efforts and give credence to factors like reviews, local citations, full details about your products or services and other business details like location, contact details and pricing info.

Besides these, providing direct answers and structured data are also trending with users and businesses alike. You can take help from tools like Google’s structured data testing tool and Schema.org for local businesses; or hire an SEO professional like New Vision Digital to take care of your digital marketing requirements.

Knock Knock! Who’s There? Panda Again!

Google’s Panda update

If you think Google’s Panda update has finished rolling out, we have some news for you! Google’s Gary Illyes announced on the eve of June 2, 2015 in SMX Advanced Search Marketing Conference, Seattle that the next upcoming weeks would see a fresh update coming through. Although he referred to it as a ‘data update’ multiple times during his speech, some webmasters are still naming it an algorithm change. This is good news for the sites negatively impacted by the Panda updates as they can expect some recovery from dropped rankings in the near future. Then again, not all sites will see recovery and it might adversely affect some new sites and the data posted on them.

He also mentioned about working on processes that will see the Penguin update in real time. If this update is successful, the algorithm will receive continually refreshed data. This task is however performed manually at present which requires a lot of reworking of the algorithm to determine whether there have been any ranking changes for Penguin affected sites. He insisted that all these changes were aimed at making Penguin algorithm run by itself.

Illyes pointed out that Google does not foresee Panda updates to run on a continuing basis and it would still require manual data refresh for the time being. On a promising note though, he stated that the recent ‘data update’ would be out in the next two to four weeks.

We would keep you informed about the data refresh whenever that rolls out. Don’t forget to check our blog section for more updates! Contact New Vision Digital, a competent SEO company in India for efficient digital marketing services.