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4 Top Changes SEO Must Adjust To In 2016

4 Top Changes SEO Must Adjust To In 2016

SEO strategies do and should constantly change with new updates issued by search engines and the new technologies adopted by them for ranking websites on the search engine result pages or SERPs as they are commonly referred to. Here are the top 4 changes your SEO strategy must focus on in upcoming 2016:

1. Mobile Traffic– Since the mobile traffic outflanked desktop searches in 2014; Google has included a ‘mobile friendly’ notation next to websites in searches made through mobile phones and tablets. Now is perhaps the best time to convert your website to responsive.

2. Focus on ROI metrics– Instead of using keyword rankings as a measure of the success of your SEO strategy, focus more on ROI metrics. Translating SEO processes to successful conversions and the effect it has on revenues is more important than the position you are getting ranked on Google.

3. Include SMO– Social media is used as a marketing and customer-service channel where you can personally bond with the customers to build long lasting relationships. This can also be efficiently used to generate more leads, increase sales and build an image among the audience.

4. Earn your links– Inbound links are still considered a trustworthy source of traffic. Instead of building multiple links on blogs and pages, try to get a single quality link on a valuable, relevant website to attract more referral traffic and convert it into leads and sales.

With the new updates and changing algorithms coming up, it is necessary to remain updated with the latest SEO strategies that would bring you success in both organic and local search results.