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Responsive Website Design: Shift from “Fixed” to “Fluid”

Responsive website design is a very young concept in the realm of website design and development, adopted for optimal viewing across a variety of devices. The change in technology and trends is fast evolving and is seeing a shift in preference from desktop internet usage to mobile web browsing.

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A responsive web design presents a layout in a readable form in an array of devices irrespective of its pixel dimensions, screen resolutions and aspect ratios. There have been few variations in web design and development practices to fit into this change. Web designers used to design within the 960px grid which worked well for fixed width sites where the content is always the same width. However, in responsive web design we need to create percentage based designs which are known as fluid designs. In fluid grids, we define a maximum layout size for the design where each element is designed with proportional widths and heights instead of pixel dimensions. All the elements will adjust to their grid measurements as needed, as does the content with them.

Fluid designs flow and adapt according to the user environment making it an ideal choice for today’s mobile environment. Desktop monitors are getting wider with higher resolutions while mobile devices are getting smaller in size. Responsive web design paves the way to saving both time and money by creating a single website design that caters for nearly all type of devices, platforms and browsers.

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