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Differentiating Between Google+ Profile And Google+ Page

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Not many know the difference between the two and most often the terms are used interchangeably.
Allow us to try and explain it to you in simple words,

    • A Google+ Profile represents individuals and is managed personally by the user just like how you manage your Facebook or Instagram profiles. On the other hand, a Google+ Page most often represents an entity like a business organisation, celebrity fan pages, institutions, brands or pseudonyms which might be managed by multiple administrators simultaneously.
    • User’s identity also marks a distinguishing point across the two. Although a user can make and manage up to 50 pages from a single Google account, he/she has the choice to use a separate page identity, different from the personal profile identity of the account from where the page originated. It is easy to switch between pages and connected channels without having to swap between multiple accounts.
    • While the personal profile content can be made private and accessible only to the people added in the user’s circles, default privacy settings for the page content is public.
    • Pages have the ‘+1’ button (Google’s version of Facebook Like button) which is used by the users to show support and follow the page profile, content shared and published and receive notifications regarding the same.
    • Google+ Page profiles don’t have the option to add people themselves until and unless they are added first or mentioned by another user.

Interesting isn’t it? We are sure you would correct anyone who mixes them both again based on the aforementioned facts and differences. Contact us for efficient search engine optimization in India. For more such informational writings, subscribe to our RSS feed.

Look out for these Top 4 Responsive Frameworks!

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Website designing has jumped leaps and bounds in the recent years, including responsive and interacting frameworks to improve the user experience while browsing the website. Listed here are top 4 frameworks used all over the world by web developers for front-end web development.

  1. Skeleton- Skeleton provides a simple CSS boilerplate designed for HTML5 websites and apps with lightweight 960 grid base, which can be efficiently scaled down to phones, tablets and other mobile devices without losing quality.
  2. Foundation-This light responsive framework by ZURB boasts about some of the popular features like a 12-column grid, command line tool, HTML templates and Libass to speed up the SCSS by almost 5x.
  3. Twitter Bootstrap- Bootstrap with its 12-grid responsive layout, 13 custom jQuery plugins and Bootstrap customizer is the popular, modern UI development framework. This open source project is ideal for scaling websites and applications with a single code base from phones to tablets and desktop PCs with CSS media queries.
  4. Gumby-With a hybrid grid as foundation, this high-speed CSS framework is built with Compass and SASS, allowing users to create layouts using different grids. The introduction of Gumby 2.6 has promised users a more flexible and simple coding experience with better customisation options.

New Vision Digital Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted name for responsive web design in India. Using these top 4 among other efficient web tools, we help design for our clients, a product customised to their requirements. Reach out to us at info@newvisiondigital.co to enquire about our eminent web design, CMS, SEO and SMO services.

PPC Campaigning: A Doorway for the Success of any E-commerce site!

Ecommerce is an ornamental label for pretty well any business that can be steered through the internet or computer systems. The worldwide internet flare-up has transformed the façade of the ecommerce industry, surging both prospective profits and the viciousness of competition across every consumer arcade. To drive browser circulation to your website and upsurge sales, you need to develop an elite PPC strategy.

PPC Campaigning

What is PPC?

Pay per click or PPC is a procedure of online marketing where the advertisement will be positioned in the text layout in the results page of a search engine. The advertisement commonly appears along and above the organic search outcomes. You only pay for the marketing campaign that individuals tick on your ad.

Why decide on PPC?

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is demonstrating to be an encouraging means of remunerating for a web presence. It is one of the finest ways to promote an ecommerce site. The most attention-grabbing benefit of using the PPC advertising is you will be able to target more number of audience. You do not need a physical outlet to entice potential clients. All you need to do is to make in then alignment of PPC campaign and choose your location. Consequently, you get greatly eligible visitors to your website.

If you are contemplating PPC for ecommerce sites, you can take the shield of new Vision Digital. The firm is fortified with the cutting-edge PPC campaign management tools and a proficient team competent enough to deliver efficacious PPC advertising campaigns.

Get ready for Google’s new update Mobilegeddon!!!


Google is on a spree! The Web and SEO markets were abuzz well before the actual update date of the Google Mobile Update, i.e. Apr 21, 2015 because the early announcement. Minutes after the rollout started, social media platforms all over the globe were flooded with posts and tweets about people expressing their views and seeking help over this new algorithm rollout. From the lines of the famous science fiction movie (Armageddon), that inspired the alternate epithet of Mobilegeddon:

Truman: So what’s the verdict?
Harry Stamper: They’ll do it. They’ve made a few requests though.
Truman: Such as?

  •  This update will only affect the search rankings on mobile devices.
  • Will affect search results in all global languages.
  • Applies to individual pages and not entire websites.

These are the points highlighted by Google on its official Webmaster Central Blog. Now let us understand how this will affect the SEO crowd.

It would not affect the search results on desktops and tablets. Thus, their page rankings would remain same on these devices. According to the Click-through marketing reports, only 40% of the websites failed to meet Google’s criteria for optimal user experience on smart phones, which is actually less than what Google’s analysts team suspected. This might be because “there were a load of websites that became MF [mobile-friendly] recently”, as said by Google Analyst Gary Illyes, on Friday, May 1st 2015.

Another great benefit for the Digital Marketing Industry is that this update only impacts individual pages and do not affect the full website. For example, if your website has 10 mobile friendly pages, the page rankings in mobile devices for the queries stated in these pages would be positively impacted, irrespective of the rest of the pages. Apart from the MF characteristic, there are still many signals used by Google to rank search results, one of them being quality content. That means your website would still be ranked higher if you have high quality content for the query made by the user, even if it is not mobile friendly.

Click to check whether your website passes Google’s Mobile Friendly Test!

If not, contact a reliable digital marketing company to help design a mobile friendly website for your company using the various responsive frameworks (RF) available. Stay tuned to our blog for some of the best RFs trending in the market.

Mark Your Business’s Web Presence Gracefully with WordPress Development

WordPress Development

The business turf is fluctuating at a rapid speed. Gone is the time when business was just about files, agreements and internal conferences. Nowadays, businesses have gone online for maintaining an improved communication with their aimed audience. With the pervasive approval of the online business drift, the necessity of possessing a personal web space has also amplified. This has brought progressively more business owners to bang the doorways of website development companies for creating an operative web manifestation for them. The web development fashion is the entire buzz these days and abundant websites are now gushing online day by day.

If you are also planning to unveil your business portal, then the first requirement is to pick a suitable development portal. At the moment, the web field is crammed with numerous content management systems (CMS) that are backing uncountable websites. Of all these CMS, WordPress has arisen as the undeniable forerunner.

wordpressWhat is WordPress development?

WordPress, with its feature-rich interface, is delivering an affable user-experience to oodles of people universally. WordPress is an open source tool used for crafting exceedingly interactive and user-friendly websites. This technology has become more prevalent and trustworthy among the users since its inception in 2003. Selecting WordPress for your next web development endeavor can be a clever move, particularly if you are looking to create a content-driven portal.

If you are eyeing for a reliable and commendable WordPress development company in India, you should opt for New Vision Digital. The firm aims to deliver resourceful WordPress solutions that can revolutionize your business.