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Learn How To Manage Orders In Magento With These Simple Techniques!

Learn How To Manage Orders In Magento With These Simple Techniques!

Let us first start with the order placing process. It can be achieved in these three simple steps-

  1. Add to cart- Add any item to your cart.
  2. Proceed to checkout- This requires you to add information related to billing, shipment and payment options.
  3. Place order.

Once the order is placed, it appears as pending in the Magento admin area (Sales -> Orders) where you can review all your orders. Let us understand some basic commands to manage these orders in Magento.

  • Edit – This option will cancel the present order and create a new one, which you can edit and submit again keeping the same details.
  • Cancel – This command cancels the current order.
  • Send Email – This is used to resend the order email to the customer.
  • Hold – This puts the order on hold so that you will be able to process it another time. Later, you would be required to un-hold it first.
  • Invoice – Used to create an invoice of the order. This will change the status of the order from Pending to Processing. You need to click Submit Invoice to create it.
  • Credit Memo – This option appears only after an invoice has been created. It allows creation of offline refund for the order.
  • Ship – This is the final step of the order management process. It represents the actual delivery of the product. You have to click Submit Shipment to finalise the order. Now the status of the order will be changed from Processing to Complete.
  • Reorder – This option allows you to resubmit the order.

Order management offers you to print invoices and packing slips for the orders placed. This technique also supports e-mail notifications of Orders, RSS feed of New Orders and call centre Order creation.