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How to Undo Changes in WordPress with Post Revisions?

Undo Changes in WordPress with Post Revisions

Most of the times, we make mistakes while writing and wish that we hadn’t deleted what we wrote earlier. To allow us to go back to the earlier post and undo changes, WordPress has a built-in capability known as Post Revisions or Simply Revisions. In this article, you will learn how to undo changes in WordPress with post revisions.

What are post revisions?

WordPress has a built-in system that stores a post as a revision on each auto save or when a user saves a post. The auto save feature in the WordPress post editor saves a post every 60 seconds as a special revision, due to which the old auto saved versions are replaced by new auto saved revisions. Each time a user clicks on the save, update, or publish button, a new revision is stored in your database.

Since WordPress 3.6, there has been new and more spontaneous ways to browse your revisions. You can not only see the changes made in each revision, but also those responsible for the changes. If you want you can browse through the different revisions and revert back to any one of them.

Why you should use post revisions?

Content writing involves a lot of editing and re-writing. This post revision gives you a great platform to edit and to get an overview of the final output. After a series of editions and revisions the content finally becomes ready for publishing.

How to Use post revisions to undo changes in WordPress?

The number of revisions for each post is displayed by WordPress in the publish Meta box on the post/page edit screen. Clicking on browse will take you to post revisions screen.

post revisions

You can also display revisions below post edit area by clicking on Screen Options and checking Revisions.


The post revision screen will show you the latest revision of the post and has a scrollbar on the top. You can view the different revisions of your post by sliding the button on the scroll bar. Changes made in each revision will be highlighted in green and pink colours. On the top you can also see the user, time, and other information related to the changes being made. WordPress will also let you know if a revision is an auto save or a draft.

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