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Top 5 Magento Extensions You Should Check Out Today

Top 5 Magento Extensions

Magento is one of the top ecommerce platforms being used worldwide to create online stores along with other popular platforms like Joomla, Shopify and Drupal. Although the basic setup provides a lot of necessary features required to set up a standard online store, you would need to install some extensions to customise and add unique features to your store. Here is a list of the top 5 Magento extensions you should consider installing:

1. Product Matrix – Custom Shipping Rates Extension
This extension makes it easy for you to customise your shipping rates according to any combination of destination, price, product, weight, quantity and customer group rules.

2. Actionable Google Analytics Magento Extension
This powerful app lets you use important Universal Analytics features like User ID Tracking and Enhanced Ecommerce. The plug-in also supports product refund, content grouping, form field tracking, IP anonymization and 15+ custom metrics and dimensions.

3. Zopim Live Chat
The Zopim Live Chat helps your users to chat directly with you through the widget and you can very easily manage multiple conversations through their Online Dashboard.

4. Social login extension by inchoo
This useful extension allows your customers to Sign Up for an account or Login their previous account at your store with their Google, Twitter or Facebook accounts.

5. One Page Checkout – by iwdExtensions
This wonderful extension dramatically reduces the standard 6 step checkout process to a single step and also allows your customers to auto complete contact information fields with the stored information from their browser.

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Advantages Of Magento To Build An E-commerce Website

Before we move on to the many benefits of using Magento as compared to other ecommerce website development platforms, let us first start with a simple definition of what Magento is.

Advantages Of Magento To Build An E-commerce Website

Magento is an open source ecommerce platform that provides users an unparalleled flexibility to manage the content and customise the look and functionality of their website. The management system of Magento is based on PHP and MySQL and is compatible with Linux, requiring no investments in software licenses.

Although there are numerous advantages of using Magento for ecommerce website development, these three top the list for both businesses and developers;

1. Features– Magento provides ecommerce website features like advanced search, wishlist, favourites, facilitated layered navigation, multi store option, product comparisons, email list and content management system for both static pages and SEO performance.

2. SEO advantage– Websites built on Magento facilitate SEO optimisation of ecommerce sites by providing efficient management of page traffic, indexing, landing pages and duplicate content etc with the help of ‘Magento SEO’.

3. Flexibility– Magento can be easily tailored according to the size, industry and budget requirements of the business. The wide range of themes and templates allow room for customisation. ‘Magento Go’ is suitable for small businesses while ‘Magento Enterprise’ caters to the needs of medium and large businesses.

Besides these, Magento also offers simple order management processes through an Admin panel to create, view, edit and fulfil orders from a single platform. For more information on how a Magento development company in India can help your business grow, contact the leading ecommerce development service in Noida, New Vision Digital at info@newvisiondigital.co.