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How to Choose the Topic of your Blog?

Writing is an art but choosing what to write on is like combining hazardous chemicals carefully and making sure they won’t explode! 

How to choose the topic of your blog

Choosing a topic for a blog might resemble a situation where bomb squanders are attempting to diffuse an atom bomb. Owing to the uncertainties happening in the present day world might create the state of confusion to many bloggers. In order to keep your blog’s reach to the wide audience, there are many tactful measures to help you out. Being a company working in digitalized sector, we do understand the need of ranking your blog high in Google search. Recreating the liveliness of your blog active in Google sites, there are some major concrete points that would enable the high marketing of your content.

The points to be kept in mind while writing a blog are-

  • Target Audience- The topic which you would write should be planned according the certain set of audience, so that the audience could relate themselves with that topic. For example, if you are a technical blogger then writing about the new enhancement in technology and upgraded features in mobile phones would attract the youth coming between the age group of (20-40).
  • Gender– The blog specifying a particular gender plays a vital role in marketing of your content. Just for say that if there is a female blogger who loves to write about feminism, her blogs would surely reach to more sets of females. Moreover, her blogs would be much more women oriented and would seek for feminist rights in the areas of the world where they are denied.
  • Age- Age factor also plays ingraining role in popularising your content. Suppose you are a fashion blogger who writes for kids fashion clothes, then the content of yours would be reaching to the more parents as well as kids. Another assumption could be a game blogger whose blogs engage more set of teenagers.
  • Keywords– The topic of yours should consist of particular keywords that could get your topic on the top listings in Google domains. For example, if your blog deals with food stuff, then the word ‘foodie’ might be of great help in ranking your article high among other articles.
  • Quality of content– The blog is written by you must have appropriate content and the vocabulary used in it should be of good quality. Better is the quality of content, better it would be read by the audience.
  • Pictures- Usage of few animated gifs and pictures will make your blog more appealing to the wide set of audience. Henceforth, through the pictures inscribed in your blog interpretation to the audience would be easier.

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