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Behavioural Keywords – The New SEO Strategy

All these years a vigorous keyword analysis has been one of the fundamentals of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). But no longer! With Google’s search engine updates, achieving a top rank on famous search engine is no longer a child’s play. Staying ahead in the race demands looking beyond the conventional methods and formulating new techniques.

Behavioural Keywords – The New SEO Strategy

Understanding the consumer search behaviour to reach your target consumers and respective markets is one of the most potent ways of effective marketing. The concept is by far, the most underutilised components of market research. The first step is to determine who majority of your customers are, and if they naturally fall into different categories. For this we need to run website analytics, and use our business, domain and product knowledge. Drilling down further will give us more specific results like which countries do maximum of our customers belong to. Based on this we can unravel a treasure of keywords, modifiers and secondary competitive keywords and modifiers which we can dominate with less effort while building relevance. If your understand behaviour, you can craft your pages, keywords and content in such a way that it is conducive to conversion.

The following examples will make it clearer.

Behavioural Keywords

Traditional keywords are more technical in nature while behavioural keywords connect to the user. Different users behave differently on your website – some come to buy, some are willing to join your organisation, some simply research, some land up accidently and are least interested in what you offer. Targeting the behavioural keywords lets you achieve more precise results.

If you haven’t yet considered this, it’s time to get started with behavioural targeting.

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