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Google Extends Search Results Snippets

What is a Snippet?

A Snippet is simply the description that follows the URL and the clickable title on the Google search page. Google defines it as “an excerpt from the webpage”. A snippet illustrates what the website entails in a brief and precise manner.

Google Extends Search Results Snippets

Before Meta descriptions or snippets were limited to 160 characters. Now Google has increased the limit to 320 characters, giving more liberty to users. They can include more keywords to secure a better ranking on the Google search page.

Danny Suillvan from Google has advised the webmasters and SEOs to not expand their existing Meta descriptions as it is a more dynamic process.

Meta descriptions or snippets summarize the content of a page. It is a significant aspect of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In the organic search results, a captivating description has the power to increase the click through rates, i.e. more people will click on your link and arrive at your website.

Since snippets play an integral part in increasing your traffic, they must be formulated carefully.

      • Use relevant keywords
      • Use the limited characters to precisely describe the site
      • Don’t be vague and ambiguous
      • Compel people to click with a straightforward description

Meta descriptions, while not related to search engine rankings, are crucial in gaining user click-through from search engine result pages. Users can now take advantage of the increase in the character limit for Google snippets.

Sometimes the small description doesn’t allow the user to gauge if the website is relevant or not to their search result. An increase in the character count may facilitate the site to include more keywords and information, giving a wider window of understanding to the users. On the other hand users may find the 320 character count unnecessary and might overwhelm people. Only time will tell if the increased word count has benefitted or not.

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