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Differentiating Between Google+ Profile And Google+ Page

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Not many know the difference between the two and most often the terms are used interchangeably.
Allow us to try and explain it to you in simple words,

    • A Google+ Profile represents individuals and is managed personally by the user just like how you manage your Facebook or Instagram profiles. On the other hand, a Google+ Page most often represents an entity like a business organisation, celebrity fan pages, institutions, brands or pseudonyms which might be managed by multiple administrators simultaneously.
    • User’s identity also marks a distinguishing point across the two. Although a user can make and manage up to 50 pages from a single Google account, he/she has the choice to use a separate page identity, different from the personal profile identity of the account from where the page originated. It is easy to switch between pages and connected channels without having to swap between multiple accounts.
    • While the personal profile content can be made private and accessible only to the people added in the user’s circles, default privacy settings for the page content is public.
    • Pages have the ‘+1’ button (Google’s version of Facebook Like button) which is used by the users to show support and follow the page profile, content shared and published and receive notifications regarding the same.
    • Google+ Page profiles don’t have the option to add people themselves until and unless they are added first or mentioned by another user.

Interesting isn’t it? We are sure you would correct anyone who mixes them both again based on the aforementioned facts and differences. Contact us for efficient search engine optimization in India. For more such informational writings, subscribe to our RSS feed.

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