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Category Archives: Website Design

3 Useful Responsive Web Design Tips

Responsive Web Design

The new web standards demand responsive web design for websites who don’t want to lose up on the HUGE customer base they have in the form of mobile and tablet users. With Google first in the line to accept and promote the mobile friendly websites as mobile searches outdo the desktop searches (in 2015); responsive website designs have now become important from SEO point of view too!

Here are 3 useful and important responsive web design tips every designer needs to know:

Prototyping software– Using prototyping software like Adobe Edge Reflow helps you make proper use of media queries, design layout to fit desktop, tablet and mobile, and set breakpoints within the program easily. You can easily copy the CSS to any HTML editor like Adobe Dreamweaver to further refine your design.

Navigation– If your site has multiple navigational menus, consider bundling them up in a single menu icon that opens up in a drop down menu with additional menu items.

Build the look and feel– Before the coding process starts, it would be helpful for you if you design the entire layout of the interface first to get the overall look and feel of your website. Keep both the functionality and usability of the various components in mind when designing the interface for smaller screens.

Apart from the text content, make sure your images, videos and other graphics like gifs are also aligned suitably. If you are looking for a professional and reliable web designing company in Noida that delivers high quality work, get in touch with New Vision Digital at +91 9818456688 or write an email at


4 Interesting Web Design Trends To Follow In 2016

Data storage concept illustration

With Google’s recent Mobile friendly update, there has been an increase in the need and demand of responsive web designs to make the websites more mobile friendly.

Our web designers have predicted these 4 interesting web design trends to catch up popularity in the coming months of 2016:

1. Animations– There has been an increase in the websites using large and small scale animations to make their storytelling more entertaining for the visitors. You can consider including loading animations, hover animations, motion animations, background videos and slideshows on your website to make it more visually appealing.

2. Micro interactions– Integrate micro-interactions in your website’s UI to get these things done:
a.Help user manipulate something
b.Communicate the feedback or status of some action
c.Display the result of an action

3. Flat design– Flat design is one of the popular existing trends and it is not going anywhere, anytime soon. To make your designs look more attractive, try to implement vibrant colour schemes, minimalistic designs, long shadows and simple typography.

4. Material design– This new style language launched last year by Google soon became famous for their realistic shadow effects and depth concepts. The whole intension behind the development of Material Design was to provide rocking UX and UI across devices.

Oh and you might have noticed, our own revamped website uses most of these trends in the design; if you like the work of our expert web design team reach out to us at to get a quick price quotation for your specific web design requirements.

Optimising SEO Website Designs

Optimising SEO Website Designs

SEO website design is fast gaining popularity among business owners because of the positive effect it reflects on the increased traffic to the website. When you hire an SEO expert specialising in website design, they charge you for the complete package that basically includes analysis of competitor’s website, updating coding standards, modifying keywords, compliance with browsers, and analysing performance by tracking metrics. Here are some things you should include in your to-do list while building a strong SEO website design strategy:

• File naming– Using ‘diufghkfblsd’ for your image files to be hosted on the homepage is not going to make you rank higher. SEO experts recommend using specific keywords and words describing the content in the names of videos, gifs, audio files, images and website pages.

• Redirects– Plan your redirect strategy in alignment with your SEO plans and goals to achieve optimum results. The ideal number of redirects indicated by best SEO practices is considered to be 301. Make sure you remove inactive and unwanted pages from your directory.

• New pages– When you are adding new pages to your site make sure you are clear about the goal or purpose of this page. Also include the relevant keywords you wish to target and define the silo this page will support.

Here at New Vision Digital our expert SEO team has professionals who take care of such factors along with advising you on directory structures and linking procedures which are critical for any successful SEO strategy. You can easily get in touch with us via email at or request for a free quote here!

Look out for these Top 4 Responsive Frameworks!

imgpsh_fullsize (1)
Website designing has jumped leaps and bounds in the recent years, including responsive and interacting frameworks to improve the user experience while browsing the website. Listed here are top 4 frameworks used all over the world by web developers for front-end web development.

  1. Skeleton- Skeleton provides a simple CSS boilerplate designed for HTML5 websites and apps with lightweight 960 grid base, which can be efficiently scaled down to phones, tablets and other mobile devices without losing quality.
  2. Foundation-This light responsive framework by ZURB boasts about some of the popular features like a 12-column grid, command line tool, HTML templates and Libass to speed up the SCSS by almost 5x.
  3. Twitter Bootstrap- Bootstrap with its 12-grid responsive layout, 13 custom jQuery plugins and Bootstrap customizer is the popular, modern UI development framework. This open source project is ideal for scaling websites and applications with a single code base from phones to tablets and desktop PCs with CSS media queries.
  4. Gumby-With a hybrid grid as foundation, this high-speed CSS framework is built with Compass and SASS, allowing users to create layouts using different grids. The introduction of Gumby 2.6 has promised users a more flexible and simple coding experience with better customisation options.

New Vision Digital Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted name for responsive web design in India. Using these top 4 among other efficient web tools, we help design for our clients, a product customised to their requirements. Reach out to us at to enquire about our eminent web design, CMS, SEO and SMO services.

Eminence of Web Designing Services in Today’s Competitive Business World

The e-commerce market is extremely competitive these days, so much so that small and large businesses are struggling hard to outshine others. The key solution for endurance for any e-commerce business is an exceptional and amazing website. When promoting your business on the web, it is imperative to be watchful of your website’s design since first impressions builds a lifelong impression about your business. People will value of your business’ products and services by the look and eminence of your website. A website can produce the discrepancy between appealing a client and possibly losing a potential client.

Why is it Necessary to look for Web Designing Companies?

Web Designing Services

As a matter of fact, almost every user is tremendously vigilant and cautious when browsing websites nowadays. Thus, a prerequisite for adding a professional touch to your website should never be overlooked. The superiority of your web site design services can lure visitors in to your site or drive them away. This is why; contracting the veracious web design services is something that no business should close its eyes to. These services can aid in the formation of custom designs which add towards new visits along with assisting in the procedure of generating vigilance within the consciousness of the visitors.

If you want to be ahead of your opponents, you should seek quality web designing services. Hire an expert and take delight with high-end results! New Vision Digital is an online marketing agency that offers revolutionary web design packages in India with the help of its team of professional web designers who work round the clock to create exceptional websites for their clients.

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