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Category Archives: Social Media

Top 5 Third Party Tools For Effective Social Media Marketing

Social networking with consumers has gained prominence in digital marketing, and so did the channels. While posting quality content on different social networking websites is effective in promoting a brand, it is also time consuming. But, no longer! There are some amazing third party resources that can be used to fuel up promotion on social media.

Top 5 Third Party Tools For Effective Social Media Marketing

Some of the most preferred third party tools are:

  1. Buffer: This tool allows you to schedule your posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. You can analyze all your posts on a single pane. You can also create beautiful content/images through this tool. You can download Android or iOS app of this tool for convenience.
  1. Feedly: Do you want to view all your favorite Youtube videos, stories, news, blogs or any other content on a single dashboard? Try Feedly. It analyses your liked posts and channels on different social networking sites and provides the information on a single space. Timely Google keyword alerts from this tool helps marketers create more user- friendly posts.
  1. Hootsuite: Won’t it be great if you could manage social accounts of all your clients in your private account? Well, your wish has come true in the form of Hootsuite. This tool is apt for managing social media marketing for both small and large businesses. It examines the market trends and informs you of customer demands.
  1. Post Planner: Post planner helps you in creating engaging social media posts by predicting the audience behavior. Now, you don’t need to refer to various apps, bookmarks, plugins or blogs to find great content. You can find all the relevant hot topics on a single plane.
  1. Social Flow: This tool is good for mid-size businesses. It allows you to post big videos on various networking sites. If you want to schedule a post on a trending topic related to your product or service, this tool can arrange that for you.


Hence, you can focus on other important tasks in your business when you have these third party tools to take care of your social media campaign. They help you in bringing traffic to your site by telling what’s selling in the market.

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5 Reasons Why Facebook is Good for Business

5 Reasons Why Facebook is Good for Business

Promoting business growth via social media channels is a common phenomenon. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are few of the common social networks that are extensively used for advertising. Among all, Facebook is the first choice for social media marketing for promoting business and reaching out to customers.

Enlisted here are reasons why Facebook holds a dominant position when it comes to digital marketing:

• Facebook is primarily a youth based network that is used extensively and internationally by public 24/7. So, posting a particular advertisement at any point of time doesn’t become an issue. It always pops up in the news feed.

• It makes the brand a part of everyday life. Regular posts on a daily basis help in reducing communication gap between the sellers and the buyers.

• A good marketing tactic is to collect public’s response on a day to day basis in order to understand their opinions and expectations. ‘Like’, ‘comment’, ‘share’ and ‘review’ options maintain a mutual conversation between brand followers and brand owners.

• Every post on Facebook spreads like a fire in the jungle. As compared to traditional marketing, Facebook marketing creates a viral-effect among the users. If the content posted is engaging, it prompts them to respond and share it with other users.

• Marketing strategy on Facebook can have various avatars: hilarious videos, wonderful graphics and engaging texts all help in seeking the attention of the users. After all, who doesn’t like being entertained?
The Facebook page of a product should contain meaningful content and brilliant graphics so that the brand gets more followers.

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SMO Services: See Your Online Business Move Upwards on The Ladder of Success!

Undeniably, internet surfing is reasonably a popular trend in today’s high-tech world. People spend a noteworthy amount on the social websites for numerous business purposes. If being a business owner, you are not making the optimum use of chief social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, then, you are giving a clear path to your rivals to come and interact with the people, who may possibly be your clients. If you are using social sites and yet, your opponents are drawing more clients, then, it is the right time to set your sights on Social Media Optimization (SMO). SMO is a procedure that empowers you to do discussions with your friends and business links on popular platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. In layman’s language, social media optimization is to publicize your business to create responsiveness through varied mediums.

SMO Services:

Significance of SMO services in India

SMO is progressively becoming an effective aspect of search engine optimization. SMO services have grown noticeably over the recent few years, given the snowballing popularity and approachability of social networking websites. SMO Services are intended to help businesses create an online individuality and advertise their products, upsurge their brand worth and create strong client base through online social set-ups.

New Vision Digital is a pioneering digital marketing agency offering far-reaching array of web solutions including search engine optimization and SMO. The company’s SMO experts will help you committedly to catch on the most suitable SMO package as per your business requirements and objectives.

Incredible Social Media Facts and Figures for 2013

Incredible Social Media Facts and Figures for 2013

The year 2013 is the year of “social optimisation”, facilitating the spread of content marketing strategies to promote the brands and to influence the customers. Social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Facebook are fast becoming incredible tools for acquiring customers or increasing customer loyalty. Social media comes with measurable and real benefits that are hard to ignore, introducing innovative and new marketing techniques. Let’s take a look at the latest social media facts and figures  for the second quarter of 2013.

Facebook still dominant in social network

As Facebook continues to take up more and more users in its inclusion, the number is predicted to rise more significantly with the regions and countries in the developing world including Africa, Asia and South America joining the network. Currently, Facebook has nearly 70% of the world’s internet users as active users. In Q2 2013, South Africa had the highest proportion of Facebook active users which is 68%.

Facebook still dominates in social media

Source: business2community

Google+ becoming a major factor

While Facebook continues to lead the group in terms of account ownership, Google+ is quickly gaining popularity, and in fact, now has the second highest number of monthly users with 50% of active users. It is reported that Google is using the platform to collect personal information (demographics, location, etc.) thus making the role of Google+ more prominent in Google’s grand scheme in terms of SEO, social signals and providing a more personalised search experience. With Google merging its new and old products, setting up Google Authorship  will be a top priority for business and webmasters.

Google Plus a major factor Pinterest will see huge success

Pinterest along with other image-centric social media sites like Slideshare, Path, and Tumblr will increasingly become a critical piece of any solid content strategy. This is indicative to the consistent trend seen in 2013 towards sharing through image and video, rather than text-based content. Businesses need to be mindful about this ‘sharability factor’ to obtain significant benefits from their social media marketing efforts. Pinterest and Tumblr have reportedly registered growth rates of 88% and 74% respectively and are the fastest growing social networks.

Pinterest is the fastest growing network

 LinkedIn active usage by professionals still holding steady

With over 238 million users, LinkedIn still holds its repute as the no.1 social networking site for professionals. In fact, with the launch of the Influencers program (a network of experts and leaders in different fields who regularly publish posts which are featured on the site’s home page and email marketing campaigns) LinkedIn is positioning itself as one of the largest sources of content creation and editing for professionals. According to the latest stats, 7% of its users are over 55 years and 14% in the 45-54 range clearly indicating the popularity of the network among the older and younger demographics.

Linkedin is popular among professionals

The above facts indicate the growing use of social media platforms worldwide with mobile being the key driver. This noticeable growth is not only attributed to the established social networks but emerging platforms like Pinterest and Tumblr too are fast growing. The ongoing trend indicates that the statistics is going to see great changes with new networks grabbing the market share in the coming years.

World Most Active Twitter Users Live in These Countries

World Most Active Twitter Users Live in These Countries

With a billion of registered users, Twitter has undoubtedly experienced an explosive growth attracting the not so famous to celebrity users. But, only half of the active users who tweet at least once a month live in these countries: the US, Japan, Indonesia, the UK and Brazil.

Statista, an online statistics portal created a chart using data from Peer Reach showing the highest shares of monthly active tweeters. Peer Reach and Twitter however, has different definitions for their monthly active users. Peer Reach considers monthly active users as those who tweet, whereas Twitter’s considers all users who log in as their monthly active users. Based on the Peer Reach’s definition, US top the chart with 24 percent of active users every month followed by Japan with 9.3 percent and Indonesia with 6.5 per cent. The United Kingdom also contributes a good share with 5.6 percent preceded by Brazil and Spain both holding the fifth position with 4.3 percent active users. After the top 13 countries, users from rest of the countries in the world represent the remaining 26 percent of monthly active Twitter users.

Even with the most Twitter users in any country, U.S is way behind in Twitter penetration. Peer Reach also looked at the percentage of  Twitter users in a country relative to its online population and found that, the US isn’t even in the top five. Saudi Arabia had the highest percentage of Twitter users with 32 percent of Saudi Arabia’s online population using the micro blogging service. The top five countries are non-English speaking nations including Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Spain, Venezuela and Argentina. After comparison it is found that, the US only ranked 8th in Twitter penetration.

 Most Active Twitter Users

Source: Flickr

The fact that internet users in these two countries Saudi Arabia and Indonesia do not have access to a PC, but access the internet through mobile is encouraging for Twitter.

The study also said, “Twitter users are young, on average 25 years. Only 20% of the tweeps are older than 30. Twitter is dominated by teenagers.”

The top ten countries with highest active monthly users of Twitter are: 1) Saudi Arabia, 2) Indonesia, 3) Spain, 4) Venezuela, 5) Argentina, 6) the UK, 7) Netherlands, 8) USA, 9) Japan and 10) Colombia.

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