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Is (Traditional) SEO Dead?

Though marketers and bloggers are predicting the demise of SEO in the near future, the equation lacks a very crucial word to be added to it – Traditional. So when digital world talks about the imminent death of SEO, it is the death of traditional SEO that they are talking. Timely Google algorithm updates and advanced Artificial Intelligence has led up to the smartening of Google crawlers which no more judge a content depending on Keyword density but the relevance of high quality content on the topic!

Is (Traditional) SEO Dead?

Traditional SEO

Yep, traditional SEO is dead! You can no longer follow step by step instructions of optimizing the website, making backlinks, creating content brimming with Keywords etc. All these strategies to optimizes e-Commerce websites worked up to a recent time in the past, but with the Penguin 4.0 update, all archetypal SEO techniques have become obsolete, and a whole new advanced version of SEO has taken birth which is much beneficial for optimizing the websites.

Advanced SEO

Google’s ‘DeepMind’ is learning a lot from the past experiences – storing data and making neural suggestion similar to human brain! At the end of the day, it is the customer that judges a website, but the role of Google crawler comes first into the equation, separating authentic high quality content from keyword stuffed non-relevant content. So quality backlinks and keywords are no longer going to help your e-Commerce website to make it to the first page of search engines and what matters the most is how much you understand your target market!

Understanding the user is one of the major concerns in quality link building and On-Page optimization. Moreover, value-added and properly written content is the top hallmark of top digital marketing agencies.

Well, the bitter truth is that SEO is evolving and digital marketing experts need to evolve too to stay ahead of the competition. With improvement in technology, each digital marketing company is striving to modify their SEO marketing strategies for better.

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Knock Knock! Who’s There? Panda Again!

Google’s Panda update

If you think Google’s Panda update has finished rolling out, we have some news for you! Google’s Gary Illyes announced on the eve of June 2, 2015 in SMX Advanced Search Marketing Conference, Seattle that the next upcoming weeks would see a fresh update coming through. Although he referred to it as a ‘data update’ multiple times during his speech, some webmasters are still naming it an algorithm change. This is good news for the sites negatively impacted by the Panda updates as they can expect some recovery from dropped rankings in the near future. Then again, not all sites will see recovery and it might adversely affect some new sites and the data posted on them.

He also mentioned about working on processes that will see the Penguin update in real time. If this update is successful, the algorithm will receive continually refreshed data. This task is however performed manually at present which requires a lot of reworking of the algorithm to determine whether there have been any ranking changes for Penguin affected sites. He insisted that all these changes were aimed at making Penguin algorithm run by itself.

Illyes pointed out that Google does not foresee Panda updates to run on a continuing basis and it would still require manual data refresh for the time being. On a promising note though, he stated that the recent ‘data update’ would be out in the next two to four weeks.

We would keep you informed about the data refresh whenever that rolls out. Don’t forget to check our blog section for more updates! Contact New Vision Digital, a competent SEO company in India for efficient digital marketing services.

Expect A Self Running Penguin Update In The Coming Months!

Penguin Update

Google’s Gary Illyes in the SMX Advanced Search Marketing Conference, Seattle hinted on the fact that Google might be working on improvements for the Penguin and Panda algorithm updates. While the fresh Panda update, which Illyes repeatedly referred to as the ‘data refresh’, is expected to roll out in the coming weeks; webmasters would have to wait longer for Penguin Algorithm updates. The reason of the delay was reported to be the large amounts of algorithm reworking tasks required to achieve their aim of making Penguin Algorithm update in real time.

Webmasters who are already acquainted with the current workings of Penguin and Panda updates know that they require manual refreshing. For example, if you run a website and it got penalised by Google after the recent Penguin update rollout; your first reaction would be to look for and remove the factors (bad links, low quality content, etc.) that are targeted in the algorithm update and that caused penalty of your website. However, according to the present workings of Google Panda and Penguin algorithms, even if the publisher of the site eliminated all toxic factors and improved the content and SEO practices employed by him/her in a few days, the rankings of the website would still remain down or the site would still remain penalised (whatever might be the case) until Google’s next algorithm update rollout.

According to Illyes, although the Panda would still continue to require manual update, work is under progress to make Penguin run by itself. That means the Penguin algorithm would get continually refreshed data all the time, making it significantly faster for the users.

This is great news for digital marketing and consultation companies that provide search engine optimization services to their clients!

Interesting On Page Local SEO Tricks

Local SEO has a place of its own when it comes to digital marketing practices. Making your business visible among your targeted audience can only be possible with proficient local SEO techniques along with a result oriented PPC campaign.

Interesting On Page Local SEO Tricks

Keeping PPC aside for some other post, here we have put together some interesting on page tricks your local SEO executive should be using to bring more traffic to your website.

  •  Fresh Content– Your website should have fresh and updated content regarding the information of the products or services offered by your business. Make the content short, crisp and more visually appealing with the help of creative design layouts, including images, videos and gifs. Make sure the content posted on your website is not copied since that would negatively affect your rankings in the popular SERPs.
  •  Landing pages– Make sure you provide updated, useful information on your landing pages. It would be beneficial to include targeted keywords, business descriptions, maps, links and necessary contact details of your business for easy reference for your visiting customers.
  •  Page Tags– Mention the geographical area of your business operation in the text content of as many pages as you can along with the page URLs, Meta Tags, Title Tags and H1 Headers. When this approach is coupled with adding keywords in page content, it can become one of the most important and successful strategies of your local SEO campaign.

You can also choose the easy way out and browse through our affordable SEO packages in India, UK, USA and other major countries around the world. For more information, reach out to us at

3 Awesome Social Media Marketing Practices!

3 Awesome Social Media Marketing Practices!With evolving new technologies in the IT industry, social media has transformed like never before. Social media platforms continually change their interfaces to adapt to the new evolving user base. We all know how hard it is to keep up with changes; but do not worry! We are here to help you out. Here are some tips to enhance your social media marketing practices:

Authentic visuals:
Ever heard of “Actions speak more than words”? Well, so do the pictures! Let’s face it, people scroll down pages until they find some eye catching element. Be it a flickering light, an animated image or anything that can get the attention of the people. If you are not a visual company, it might be difficult initially but definitely not something impossible. Try changing the statistics to infographs, and case studies to downloadable PDF’s. And don’t forget to spice up the documents with some good looking authentic images!

Strategic scheduling:
Sounds silly, doesn’t it? But trust us, it is the driving factor behind the social media success and can give effective results. Ever wonder why news papers are delivered in mornings? Wondered why financial discussion shows are scheduled after office hours?
Strategic scheduling is actually a potent marketing strategy; you should be aware when your targeted audiences would be most active and deliver the social media posts accordingly.

Get them into the picture!
Learn to effectively coordinate with users. Get your audience included in the nourishment of your brand by involving them in fun contests and games. Besides benefiting you by getting valuable user ideas and suggestions, it can push your business a step further by generating brand attraction and boosting fan or user engagement.

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