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Category Archives: Pay Per Click

How Ads Conversion on Google Adwords can help you?

When it is the need to rank among top 10 websites, what you need is a well-planned online marketing strategy. This strategy should be driven to attract traffic to your page, increase your visibility in the online market and earn you hefty revenue. And this you can accomplish by using search engine optimization tools such as PPC (Pay per Click) advertising that helps to target traffic to your website.

Ads-Conversion-on-google adwords

But PPC can only be beneficial if you know how to use the right advertising keyword at the right place. These specific keywords are based on the searches a user performs daily on the internet for a particular requirement. Thus, an Adword is a targeting marketing keyword that is created by the experts on the basis of a user’s online search.

Google has given a platform called Google AdWords that helps SEM experts to target the correct keywords and when someone clicks on this Ads it performs a conversion that may be valuable to you. So, these ads conversion in Google AdWords leads a website to meaningful actions such as sales or leads.

Do you know that on average the conversion rate in AdWords across all industries is 2.70% for search network and 0.89% for display network? This means that one click on your ad can profit your company – one by targeting the customer to your site and second by generating revenue on the basis of Pay per Click advertising.

So, it is important to increase your conversion rate for keywords which can be achieved using following ways –

  • Budget Matters: Before advertising your ad campaign, make sure that you have paid the optimum amount required which can vary from few pennies to several pounds for each click. If you pay too little, then your adverts might not show at all or get poor position and if you pay too much, then you might not get the ROI needed to make a reasonable profit. So, every penny matter so invests your money strategically.
  • Right Network Selection is important: You can choose either search network or display network or both to advertise on Google AdWords. Where Search Networks advertising means your ads show up in Google’s search results, the Display Network show your ads on the sites of third party websites. The ads conversion rate of search network is higher as compared to display network, however, you are limited to displaying text only ads on search networks whereas display networks let you use images of varying shapes and sizes to create powerful banner ads.
  • Select the Right Keyword: Make sure that the keywords you want to show up for are the ones that user on the internet searches for and most likely to result in both click-through and conversion. For this, Google AdWords lets you use four different types of keyword matches for your advertising campaign which are as:
    – Broad match type
    – Broad match modified
    – Phrase match
    – Exact match
  • Next, is Optimising Your Ads: Searchers should be offered what they are looking for and your ad can give them that. For it what you can do is make a catchy headline, a concise well-written description and a clear call-to-action which will make sure that your ad gets clicked on. You should also consider using different variations of your ad and then split test them to see which are most effective. The more you do this, the more you can optimise
  • Customize Landing Pages for Your Ads: A Landing Page on your website should be user-oriented, that is, it should provide detailed information that a specific user want to know about in order to convince them to buy. It is important to covert users to you page when they click on these ads. So, if you have different ads for different products or different customer types, there should be a separate landing page for each.
  • Supervise Your Ads Campaign: Monitoring & testing your Ad campaign helps it perform optimally and provide the best possible return on investment. By integrating your AdWords with your Google Analytics account, you can track the performance of your advertising campaign all the way to conversion. This let you measure your advertising ROI and see which parts of the selling pathway are most effective.

We, at New Vision Digital employ this PPC tool for building strategies and offer weekly reports to the clients about how they are getting on their investments. Our PPC advertising model makes use of PPC Campaign Management and Analysis & Keyword Research services to persuade customers or traffic to view your product or to visit your website. So, ride with our online advertising agency to ensure that every PPC penny that you spend counts.

Contact our pay-per-click campaign managers to help you in establishing a strong PPC keyword base. For more information, call us on +91 120 4115003 or +91 9818456688, or you can email us on

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