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A Guide to Paid and Organic Social Media Marketing

Technology has become an integral part of life; which has given rise to the digital age. Our daily routines entail a few hours of surfing the internet and browsing social media sites. This has led to the need for digital marketing and an opportunity for marketers to advertise their goods and services online.

A guide to paid and organic social media marketing

Here is where paid and organic social media marketing come in.

What is paid social media marketing?

Paid social is the sponsored content, i.e. paid ads. They take the form of sponsored posts on Facebook and promoted tweets on Twitter etc. They allow a wider reach by reaching out to people who don’t follow you but searched for similar products or services. Therefore, they help you target specific audiences, relevant to your business. Through paid advertising, you can target relevant audience, an option you do not get through organic media advertising.

Paid social media advertising is the most effective way of ensuring a strong brand presence on the web. It enables you to gain better engagement rates and consumer response.

What is organic social media marketing?

The object of organic social media marketing like paid advertising is communicating with consumers and prospects through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. using social media marketing tools like Buffer. However, organic marketing limits your access to potential consumers.

Having a profile on social media sites help in promoting your business through strategic content. You can engage with your followers and respond to their comments and feedback directly. The key is to be active on social media. You can also time your posts together to go live at a time where maximum are engaged.

Paid and organic marketing should ideally go hand in hand. Investment in both yields effective results.

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How To Increase E-Commerce Sales From Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the need of the hour with the majority of the world’s population being engaged in the digital world. E-commerce is the fastest emerging sector. Efficient digital marketing strategies in place can garner successful results and increase your e-commerce sales. Digital marketing entails various tool and tasks, which can be used to accomplish a variety of goals for a stronger branding, better engagement, increased traffic, attracting prospects, converting visitors into leads, generating sales, etc.

How To Increase E-Commerce Sales From Digital Marketing?

Digital strategies include:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO helps your business get discovered online by optimizing your business’s online presence for search engines. The goal here is to get your business website ranking on the first page of the search results. Ranking high on the search engines is imperative with the increased competition. A good SEO strategy helps you to widen your business’s reach and target a relevant audience. An increased traffic to your website can make or break an organizations success. Invest in good SEO strategists and get effective outcomes.

SMO (Social Media Optimization)

Social media is a huge platform that engages a large number of audiences. If you correctly optimize your social media, you can hit your targeted customers with your social media campaign. SMO is a form of internet marketing where one can generate publicity through social media. Your SMO goal must be clearly set to circle your strategy around it. Whether it is awareness you need to create about the product, improve customer satisfaction or boost sales.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

PPC is a mode of online marketing where the advertisers are paying a fee each time someone clicks on their ads. It’s a way of buying visits to your site, rather than attempting to “earn” the visits organically. A well-organized PPC strategy will result in increased traffic along with higher sales. PPC ads can also be customized to location and target audience. This will enable businesses to efficiently increase their sales.

Content Marketing

A good content can entice and influence your audience, thus converting them into loyal customers. Updating your website frequently with fresh content will increase the chances of getting a higher Google ranking. However, remember “content is king”. Merely regular content updates will not secure you a high position on Google’s search engine ranking. The content on the sites must be relevant and original. Just circling the content around keywords will not yield good results. A well-structured content holds the ability to attract potential customers, leading to increased sales.

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Indian Brands Who Have Mastered The Art Of Content Marketing

A good marketing strategy greatly emphasizes on “good” content. Quality content paves the way for brands to reach their target audience, directly communicating with their emotions and thoughts. Catchy, creative ad content can leave its mark on us permanently. “Washing powder Nirma, doodh si safedi…Nirma se aaye……” you are singing in your head that too with the tune aren’t you? You know exactly what Nirma is. This is the power of content marketing done right.

Indian Brands Who Have Mastered The Art Of Content Marketing

Here is a list of Indian brands that successfully ran their content marketing campaigns and garnered love and attention from their audience:


Their catchy ads leave you with a smile. “oonchi hai building? Lift teri band hai? We’ll still deliver in time”. This billboard leaves us amused with its creativity. They used a trending song and successfully turned it into a memorable ad. They know their audience well and know how to use comedy to appeal to their customers. Another superb example of their ‘funniness’ is, “I’m great in bed” says breakfast!


“Utterly butterly delicious…Amul” leaves us all nostalgic. They have mastered the art of content marketing with their creative ads that play on puns. They address trending news through their caricatures. The Amul girl has become one of the most famous faces as a mascot, easily recognisable anywhere.


There is something really engaging about kids dressed up as adults. Flipkart provides a dose of amusement with their funny and cute ads. They have a unique style which makes their ad campaigns a successful one.


The face of fashion and lifestyle, vogue, has mastered the art of producing good content. They address social issues pertaining to women with their #VogueEmpower. They have campaigned against violence against women through their videos and touched hearts all over the country. They feature Bollywood celebrities in their videos like Madhuri Dixit, to create buzz.


Oreo entered the market only to be faced with severe competition from other biscuit brands. The fact that it has become one of the top selling biscuit brands in India proves the efficiency of its content marketing. Their ads were creative, cute and appealing to children and adults. They featured Bollywood stud, Ranbir Kapoor in their ads and taught us all the right way to eat their biscuits.

One thing common about these brands, is their understanding of the mantra “content is king”. Creativity is subjective and thus, it can be seen in different shades, appealing to different emotions in the various ads of the above mentioned brands. A well-structured content can take your business a long way, garnering loyalty from customers.

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8 Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketers

“Extensions” as the name suggests are an addition to your existing browser to facilitate your work. Chrome extensions add more functionality to chrome, improving your productivity. These extensions effectively help in saving time, which enables you to concentrate on the bigger tasks at hand.

8 Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketers

Chrome extensions can enhance marketing functions through the tasks they perform. Extensions are available in abundance; here are 8 useful chrome extensions for digital marketers.


A very necessary tool, Grammarly, helps correct the spellings and grammar of your content. A poorly structured article and blog may put off the readers or potential customers, resulting in fewer views and clicks.

Grammarly helps your content to be ‘mistake-proof’, thus, increasing the quality of it.


Nimbus allows you to take a screenshot of your whole browser window or a selected section of it. It simplifies the process of capturing the screen. Using Nimbus, one can also ‘record’ the screen.

It provides an easy to use editor and a sharing feature that enables you to send screenshots to friends.


Browsing the internet takes you from one tab to another and so on. Before you know it, you are left confused with multiple open tabs. One Tab enables you to convert all your tabs into one list.

This drastically organizes things. You can view and easily access all open tabs by restoring them. Apart from reducing cluttering, One Tab also saves memory, making it a very useful chrome extension.


Page Analytics by Google, effectively shows you how visitors interact with your web pages. It allows you to see the page views, average time spent on your website, bounce rate and the exit percentage.

They give you an insight into the number of clicks. This information you can use to improve your user experience by making changes to your web pages.


A functioning business witnesses a regular inflow and outflow of emails to clients and customers. Sometimes important emails are lost in the midst of less priority emails which causes great inconvenience.

Boomerang helps increase email productivity by allowing you to track your conversations and responses and enabling you to write better emails. It allows you to schedule messages to be sent even when you are offline.


Ever came across articles on chrome that you wanted to read but couldn’t because of time restraint? Pocket helps you save them to be viewed later. It automatically syncs with your device so that you can view your saved material anytime, without internet connection.

Now you can save anything you see in chrome and have an easy access to it even in the absence of an internet connection.


Now you can easily hunt down emails of a website you are visiting with a simple click. Sometimes the email id of a website is difficult to find or not present at all. In this case, Email Hunter comes in handy.

They will provide you with a list of every email address associated with the domain. It also tells you how likely an email address is still working.


This important tool aide you in writing emails quicker, therefore, increasing your productivity. If you are receiving emails with a similar content, you can save your replies as a template, a better alternative than copying and pasting repeatedly.

You can save your templates with a shortcode and just use this shortcode to respond to an email.

Chrome extensions perform various interesting tasks that make your life easy by increasing your productivity and thus enhancing your work.

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6 Ways To Boost Your Travel Website

Travelling adds a flavour to life. It refreshes us and creates a long lasting memory to be cherished forever. Travel websites facilitate our voyage plans by providing a mammoth platform for travel related information one click away.

Today, a majority of people book their travels via travel websites. With more people relying on online-booking, competition has become fierce between different travel websites, each looking for an edge over the other.

Ways to boost your travel website

Here are some ways to promote your travel website.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You can enhance the visibility of your travel website through SEO. The best way is to use relevant keywords and original content to ensure a firm foot in the listings. If your travel website is at the top of the search results page, then more often than not you would end up making the deal and gain a customer.

2. Travel Blogs

Travel blogs are a very effective way of boosting the visibility of your web page. Through blogs you can enthral your customers by painting a beautiful picture of a vacation spot, thus encouraging them to book their travels.

Travel blogs must be regular with original and compelling content. You can also use keywords.

3. An Attractive Website

A well designed website can prove to be efficient in attracting customers. Man is a visual creature, and engaging images, videos and designs can result in more traffic for you. An ideal website must:

  • Be user friendly, without complications
  • Have attractive content and images
  • Have a simple yet engaging design

4. Copywriting

A travel website must invest in good copywriters to engage customers. A good content can do wonders for your website in terms of attracting potential customers. The content must be original and not copied off the internet. Originality yields better results.

5. A Mobile-Friendly Website

This device that can be contained in our hands has become an integral part of life. A travel company must have a mobile-friendly website, as an increased number of people are planning and booking their vacations through their mobile phones. It has become imperative to have a mobile-friendly website, lest you lag behind your contemporaries.

6. Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Advertising through the plethora of social media sites available, is the best way to reach potential customers with no geographical boundaries limiting your reach. You can schedule your posts together on multiple social media platforms using various social media tools, thereby releasing your content at the same time and engaging people.

A huge number of people rely on the internet for information and it is only logical to use this dynamic platform to promote your travel website with maximum efficiency.

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