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Why Keyword Research Matters and How to do it?

Keywords are really important when you are trying to increase the rank of your content or website. They are like a lantern that show you the way to your objective. These keywords help you by telling you where to go and how to go and whether or not you’re making progress. It is basically the practice of identifying what a user is surfing for on the Internet and which phrases are used on search engines when they look for particular information.


Keyword research is one of the most important and high returns practices that are performed by SEO professionals. The selection and use of right keywords are very important as ranking of a right keyword can make or break your website. Also, searching for quality keywords that will provide you with both traffic and conversions is a bit tricky, but with the right steps you can do it successfully.

Keyword research is the basis of any digital marketing campaign and helps you find out what your target audience wants and is a critical component for SEO. When using a keyword correctly, it provides a road map for both the design and execution of building websites and developing content. Keywords are often broken up and grouped based on the number of words within the query phrase.

If you become the expert of finding the perfect keywords for your business, then you will not only benefit from search engine traffic but also know what your targeted customers want. To achieve the best SEO results using keyword research, it is important that you optimize a website as well as back-links for the most relevant keywords. It is good practice to search for associated keywords that have low competition and still yields a high number of searches. This makes it easier to achieve a higher rank in search engines which usually results in higher web traffic.

There are many SEO companies available online that know what keywords can be used to make a website rank top in search engines on the basis of searches done by users. They take time to understand a business and create strategies that will achieve a website the top ranks in the search engines. This mean increased revenue for a website as a result of more traffic and conversions.

How to Choose the Topic of your Blog?

Writing is an art but choosing what to write on is like combining hazardous chemicals carefully and making sure they won’t explode! 

How to choose the topic of your blog

Choosing a topic for a blog might resemble a situation where bomb squanders are attempting to diffuse an atom bomb. Owing to the uncertainties happening in the present day world might create the state of confusion to many bloggers. In order to keep your blog’s reach to the wide audience, there are many tactful measures to help you out. Being a company working in digitalized sector, we do understand the need of ranking your blog high in Google search. Recreating the liveliness of your blog active in Google sites, there are some major concrete points that would enable the high marketing of your content.

The points to be kept in mind while writing a blog are-

  • Target Audience- The topic which you would write should be planned according the certain set of audience, so that the audience could relate themselves with that topic. For example, if you are a technical blogger then writing about the new enhancement in technology and upgraded features in mobile phones would attract the youth coming between the age group of (20-40).
  • Gender– The blog specifying a particular gender plays a vital role in marketing of your content. Just for say that if there is a female blogger who loves to write about feminism, her blogs would surely reach to more sets of females. Moreover, her blogs would be much more women oriented and would seek for feminist rights in the areas of the world where they are denied.
  • Age- Age factor also plays ingraining role in popularising your content. Suppose you are a fashion blogger who writes for kids fashion clothes, then the content of yours would be reaching to the more parents as well as kids. Another assumption could be a game blogger whose blogs engage more set of teenagers.
  • Keywords– The topic of yours should consist of particular keywords that could get your topic on the top listings in Google domains. For example, if your blog deals with food stuff, then the word ‘foodie’ might be of great help in ranking your article high among other articles.
  • Quality of content– The blog is written by you must have appropriate content and the vocabulary used in it should be of good quality. Better is the quality of content, better it would be read by the audience.
  • Pictures- Usage of few animated gifs and pictures will make your blog more appealing to the wide set of audience. Henceforth, through the pictures inscribed in your blog interpretation to the audience would be easier.

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How to List your Business on Google Maps?

Business in today’s time is not only limited to the existence of commercial spaces but to increase the demand of business globally through digitalization. Many big business giants have been able to increase their business by registering their company’s domain name on Google operated websites. Google’s websites have been able to generate more profits for the companies which operate their business online. Thus, it has become the hub of the social site which accounts for more than millions of companies registering their name and recreating the online businesses for themselves which have created a large amount of profits.

How to List your business on Google maps

There are some simple steps that can help you to list your business ventures more easily and effectively.

  • Creation of free websites of your business ventures are possible in Google and is the most accessible form of registration. Create, edit and publish are the primary components constituting the name of your company’s website.
  • Take a perfect look about the number of views your company’s website and web pages are getting. By logging into Google My Business, you would get the perfect tools in updating your company’s listing, website and you may also get engage with other customers hanging around the world. Through, Google My Business you can also update your company’s profile regularly.
  • With the photos about your company’s product you may draw the attention of your customers and thus there will be upsurge in sales.
  • Through the help of Google My Business you can also get the graphical review about the number of visitors visiting the portal of our company and yours brand will also get the cut above the edge.

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How To Boost Facebook Post Effectively?

Facebook is the social media platform that has enabled many internet users to connect with other people staying around the world. With the emergence of Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and many other social networking sites have led many business hubs to promote their publicity online. Since Facebook has remained at the peak position among other social networking sites and has immensely gained the popularity that results in more usage of it by the millions of people. Posting a post is as easy as writing an article but the main problem that individual faces while posting a blog is an issue of getting the higher number of likes and views.


We at New Vision Digital would surely assist you in promoting your brands’ post and publicize it to the large sized audience. The first and foremost thing of promoting any post is to have a planned goal.

  • Brand awareness- Our social media operating staff would surely help in increasing your posts publicity on the basis of pay per click.
  • The working staff of New Vision Digital is highly expertized in making strategies that would make your posted post more likes, views and shares.
  • The social media experts of our company are well versed with tactics of gaining more website traffic to your specific posts.
  • Promotion plays a significant role in advertising of the brand digitally and in order to secure the need of promoting your posts, we have the team of social media experts who are expertized in promoting the posts highly.

To target right size of audience it is necessary to post the blogs for specific kind of audience which could increase the marketing of your content. Thus, it is highly recommendable to post the blogs while keeping few things specific like

  • If your posts are viewed and liked by your friends and followers then it would surely generate more profits for your brands.
  • Age and gender of people using a Facebook account to determine in boosting of the post. Let us assume, that if the company posted the blog requiring internships that would surely get more likes and comments by youth as compared to mid-age or old citizens.
  • If posts of your company are referring to any specific location then it would surely attract more people residing in that location.

Perfect timings of posting the posts are also important in terms of brand promotion and content marketing. Thus, if your companies have already running the websites, then we may surely assist your posts in getting the majority of likes and views. As our staff knows the exact time of day and enabling strategies that are beneficial in boosting your posts and at the same time would enhance the accomplishment of your brand.

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