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3 Awesome Social Media Marketing Practices!

3 Awesome Social Media Marketing Practices!With evolving new technologies in the IT industry, social media has transformed like never before. Social media platforms continually change their interfaces to adapt to the new evolving user base. We all know how hard it is to keep up with changes; but do not worry! We are here to help you out. Here are some tips to enhance your social media marketing practices:

Authentic visuals:
Ever heard of “Actions speak more than words”? Well, so do the pictures! Let’s face it, people scroll down pages until they find some eye catching element. Be it a flickering light, an animated image or anything that can get the attention of the people. If you are not a visual company, it might be difficult initially but definitely not something impossible. Try changing the statistics to infographs, and case studies to downloadable PDF’s. And don’t forget to spice up the documents with some good looking authentic images!

Strategic scheduling:
Sounds silly, doesn’t it? But trust us, it is the driving factor behind the social media success and can give effective results. Ever wonder why news papers are delivered in mornings? Wondered why financial discussion shows are scheduled after office hours?
Strategic scheduling is actually a potent marketing strategy; you should be aware when your targeted audiences would be most active and deliver the social media posts accordingly.

Get them into the picture!
Learn to effectively coordinate with users. Get your audience included in the nourishment of your brand by involving them in fun contests and games. Besides benefiting you by getting valuable user ideas and suggestions, it can push your business a step further by generating brand attraction and boosting fan or user engagement.

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